Try America's Newest Sensation by TopGolf!

Airport Golf Center has completed installation of Toptracer, a product of TopGolf! We have 6 bays to choose from and taking reservations now. Call today! (360) 786-8626

Toptracer features include:

Launch Monitor

This training mode offers stats like distance, ball speed, height, and more to help you hone your skills.

Points Game

Challenge yourself or your friends to a points game based on how close you can get to the targets.

Virtual game

Try your hand at playing up to 18 holes of golf on world-renowned courses from your local range!

Long Drive

Finally settle the score on who can hit the farthest and turn the range into a long drive grid.

Closest to the Pin

Challenge yourself and your friends to see who's swing is the most accurate, with the ultimate goal of a hole-in-one.

What's in my bag?

Dig deeper into the details for each type of Club in the back. Plus, connect with the Toptracer Community App Store to view your stats over time!

Toptracer Fees

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Small basket (50 balls) $18.00 +tax
Medium basket (100 balls) $24.00 +tax
Large basket (150 balls) $30.00 +tax


One Small Basket a day $650 +tax
One Medium Basket a day $925 +tax
One Jumbo Basket a day $1,299 +tax